Family Law & Matrimonial Law

Karen A. Sferlazzo - Family LawWe understand that many of our clients are coming to us for assistance during a stressful period in his/her life. Our clients value the representation they receive because we mitigate the stress through our responsiveness, efficiency and our ability to resolve the issues favorably for our clients.

I know how important it is for our clients to be heard. After understanding each client’s situation, I offer several different solutions. As an effective negotiator, I understand that court is not always the most effective or cost-efficient means of obtaining a successful result for our clients.

In cases where court action is necessary I am a fearless advocate for my clients. I represent each client with zealous compassion thoughout the negotiation and litigation process.

Karen A. Sferlazzo - Family and Matrimonial LawWe handle all areas of Family Law including:

  • Custody – Sole, Joint, and Residential custody will be determined by what is in the “best interest of the child.”
  • Visitation – Can be brought by non-custodial parent, grandparent, or sibling.
  • Order of Protection – Document signed by a Judge that limit’s a person’s behavior to protect the victim from abuse.
  • Neglect and Abuse cases – Involve children who have been seriously injured or harmed physically, mentally or emotionally.  They are prosecuted by the Orange County Attorney’s Office.
  • Paternity – It is important to establish who the father is for both child and father’s rights.

We handle Divorce actions including:

  • Prenuptial Agreement & Post-nuptial Agreement – Is an agreement between parties that settles issues of property division if the relationship deteriorates.
  • Legal Separation – Both parties can execute a Separation Agreement to live apart without getting a divorce.
  • Divorce – A legal action filed in the Supreme Court by a married couple requesting an Order to end their marriage.
    • Uncontested – The married couple have decided to obtain a divorce and have agreed to all issues.
    • Contested – A married couple request an Order to be decided by the Judge because they do not agree to all the issues of property separation, distribution, and/or custody of the child(ren).
  • Division of assets (marital property) – Equitable distribution of all cash and valuable assets acquired during marriage.
  • Child Support – The monies paid by the non-custodial parent to the residential parent.  The child support amount is determined by the CSSA (Child Support Standards Act).
  • Spousal Maintenance – Is a written agreement between spouses where one spouse financially supports the other spouse for a set time period, to assist that spouse to become financially independent.

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