Criminal Law

Karen A. Sferlazzo - Criminal LawAt the Law Office of Karen A. Amundson you can expect zealous representation in any legal matter either you or a loved one is experiencing.

We offer vigorous advocacy in all courtroom cases involving criminal court proceedings.

In Criminal cases, it is of the utmost importance to consult with an attorney as soon as you or a loved one has police contact. Waiting can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Many people are not aware of their Constitutional rights, including their Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent. Don’t assume that if you or a loved one cooperate with the police that the matter will just go away. Always consult an attorney before agreeing to speak with the police.

Karen A. Ferlazzo - Criminal LawFormerly, as a trial attorney working for the Orange County Legal Aid Society, I have defended hundreds (probably over a thousand) of people accused of serious felony charges in County Court. My experience includes wire tap cases involving major drug operations, murder, manslaughter, serious assault and drug cases. My law office has the experience to protect your rights and obtain the best possible plea disposition in your case. I have handled thousands of misdemeanor cases ranging from DWI, DWAI-Drugs, drug possession charges, assault charges, theft crime, domestic violence cases, endangering the welfare of a child, and sex crimes.

As a criminal defense attorney, it is imperative to understand the importance and meaning of a legally sufficient accusatory, unreliable confession, involuntary statement(s), faulty Identification Proceedings, defective search warrant, invalid stop, no probable cause for arrest, as well as evidentiary and case law precedents. At my law office, I will discuss your case with you, evaluate the merits, go over your options and protect and advocate for your rights.

It is important that you trust your attorney. All conversations between attorney and client are confidential. At my office, your trust and confidence in how I handle your case is of the utmost importance. When you retain my office I can assure you that your rights will be protected and confidential information will not be disclosed.

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